Kenwood launch the TK-3401D digital and TK-3501 analogue ProTalk licence-free radios

TK-3401D digital and TK-3501 analogue ProTalk

Kenwood have launched the TK-3401D ProTalk Digital and TK-3501 ProTalk analogue PMR 446 hand-portable radios.

The new TK-3401D ProTalk digital radio has the advantages of digital radio communications in a licence-free format, including increased coverage, improved audio quality and security. It is built on the ETSI compliant dPMR protocol and features 16 channels in each of two zones for congestion-free communications. A dual mode allows existing analogue users to migrate to digital while continuing to use existing radios.

The TK-3501 ProTalk is a compact, lightweight and durable professional analogue hand-portable radio. It features extended range over its predecessor, the TK-3301, through an improved RX section and volume with a 1.5w BTL amplifier. The new ProTalk license-free radios follow its dPMR and DMR ranges and the ATEX extension for the NEXEDGE digital portfolio.