• We deliver 2 way radio headsets...

    Excellent quality headsets that will be manufactured to your specifications!

  • ...for almost every radio brand and model...

    You can choose out of several PTT switches, earphone and connector types!

  • ...personalized with your own company logo...

    Optional we can customized the PTT switch with your company logo!

  • ...at competitive prices!

    High quality headsets at competitive prices!


We are based in Roermond, the Netherlands, and

with more the 10 years’ experience in this market we

know that not only the price mathers, quality is most important.

So we manufacture high quality headsets to your specifications

and optional we can print your company logo on it.

  • Customized headsets

    Manufactured to your specifications!

  • Excellent quality

    We use durable materials for our products to maximize their lifespan.

  • Competitive prices

    Customized headsets at competitive prices!

  • Company logo

    We can customized the PTT switch with your company logo!


If you have a question or would like to have

an quotation? Please feel free to drop us an email at

sales@dercomms.com or the contact form. We are

more than happy to answer all your questions

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